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Ready to Let Go of ​Unwanted Habits, Needless Worry, and Anxiety?

The Little School of Big Change Course​

LSBC is a guided, 6-week, online program that helps you see yourself, your habits, and anxiety, in a radically new way.  

​​If you’ve tried everything to change, and nothing has given you the type of deep, lasting freedom you were looking for, it’s not your fault.

You’ve been pointed in the wrong direction. You don’t need hard work, discipline, willpower, the right mind set, or the right behavioral strategy; you need insight! You need to see the truth about how your mind works. The truth about how all​ human minds work. 

The new paradigm shared in LSBC, has already helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world. It’s different than what you’ve tried. It’s an in-depth look at how the human experience works for everyone, no matter who they are or what they struggle with. Understanding this experience is the key to true freedom from habits, anxiety, addiction . . . you name it. The LSBC Course will provide this understanding in a simple, yet profound way. I’d be honored to be your guide.   

Who is LSBC For?

This course will help anyone who struggles with: 

→ Drinking
→ Smoking
→ Binge eating
→ Gambling

Losing your temper
→ Jealousy

→ Working or spending too much
Internet addiction
Relationship struggles
→ …and ​much more

LSBC shares an understanding of the human experience that allows you to change without relying on willpower, effort, or behavioral strategies. ​ 


The anxiety that I had for decades has melted away – unexpected and truly amazing! I’m in awe of this understanding and I’ve joined the ongoing school community.

Ram, ​Spring ’19 LSBC graduate

LSBC is different than everything else you’ve ever tried. 

Although step-based programs, behavioral plans, and mindset changes, can sometimes (and for some people) result in short-term relief, they rarely lead to the kind of change that lasts. 

Lifelong freedom comes from insight—from seeing life in a radically different way. Freedom doesn’t come from implementing behavioral tactics; it comes from within​ you. 

LSBC’s six-week course offers insight into a radical new paradigm that will change your habits and anxiety from the inside-out. 

What Is A Guided Online Course?

In addition to the video lessons, you will also receive in-depth support from Dr. Amy Johnson in the Class Forum and on the weekly Group Calls where she will guide you through the course with patience and expertise.  

The Little School of Big Change​ has been designed and tested to produce deep change that is wide-ranging and sustainableas well as relatively easy and naturalbecause it comes from the inside-out. 

The course curriculum of The Little School of Big Change  fundamentally shifts your way of viewing yourself and your habits. When you see life differently, you naturally begin to think, feel, and behave differently. 

Everything is online, so there is no travel required. And everything is recorded, and accessible anytime, to accommodate students from all over the world; so, even if you can’t make a live call, you won’t miss a thing.

The Little School of Big Change​ 6-week course is run twice each year—in the fall (typically late September into early November) and in the spring (typically March-April). 

Approximately 1 hour of video content is released each week during the  LSBC course. The video lessons are designed to build on each other as you grow in your understanding. While you’re able to watch this content at your own pace, it’s recommended that you keep as up-to-date as possible to make the most of the live coaching calls and forum discussions.  

Enrollment for the next Little School of Big Change course begins March 2, 2020. You can enroll in the school anytime! If you enroll early, you’ll receive the Changeable Podcast Guided Tour, a mini-course to move you toward change immediately.

What You Get

If you’re overwhelmed when it comes to change, or you feel like you’ve tried everything and you have no idea where to look, I am here to help. 

The Little School of Big Change has been designed to support you as much as possible by offering 24/7 access to a global community comprised of other participants and actively monitored by Amy and her team of coaches. Through the sixweek course, you will be guided through course material that will teach you to see through blind spots while discovering your natural resilience and health in a safe and supportive environment.  


The LSBC course contains 12 Core Curriculum video lessons and 7 Advanced Curriculum video lessons that guide you through this life-changing understanding in a simple, easytograsp way. 


The LSBC course contains 12 Core Curriculum video lessons and 7 Advanced Curriculum video lessons that guide you through this life-changing understanding in a simple, easytograsp way. 


There will be two calls per week during the 6-week course. During these calls, you will have the opportunity for deeper discussion about the course curriculum, and to receive personal coaching on anything you need. Amy will send weekly reminders about the phone calls but some have found it helps to program the date and time into their calendars as reminders so that they don’t miss out. 


The LSBC course offers access to a private class forum where Dr. Amy, and others, answers your questions while providing personal support throughout the six-week period. 

Note: The forum is a private, internal, forum within the School. It is not on Facebook. 


LSBC will provide you with information about a variety of materials to supplement and further your learnings, including Dr. Amy’s private and extensive list of recommended resources. 



Whether you have a simple question, want clarification on a video lesson, want to share an insight or victory, or need in-depth support, the LSBC  community is always accessible, supportive, responsive, and all-around amazing.  




Lifetime Access

You have lifetime access to all of the video content within LSBC​ so you can revisit everything as often as you’d like, for as long as you’d like.

It’s extremely important to me that you have lifetime access to the content because, as you continue to grow in your understanding of how life works, you have totally new insights when you re-watching the course videos.  As your understanding deepens, what you are able to see, hear, and grasp deepens.


The Little School of Big Change has brought me back HOME! Today, the day I finished the course, I found myself in tears realizing I’ve changed without even trying. My heart has been opened without me even trying. I may still have days and moments when my habits come back up or my heart closes. But the truth is, I now know that I will always return Home. Now that I’ve seen it, there is no turning back to darkness. Amy, you and your school are an amazing gift! I honestly can’t wait to share it with anyone who will listen! This WILL change the world one person at a time!

​​​​​Stacey Beers, Spring ’19 LSBC Graduate​


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​Who Teaches LSBC?

The Little School of Big Change is led by Dr. Amy Johnson, psychologist, coach, and author of several books including,The Little Book of Big Change: The No-Willpower Approach to Breaking Any Habit. Through teaching this radical new paradigm, Amy has helped thousands of people from around the world to find freedom from habits and behaviors that have plagued them for years. 

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What is the understanding shared in The Little School of Big Change?

The understanding of the human experience that you’ll come to see in The Little School of Big Change is rooted in fundamental human truths that are simple and profound. They are not my theory or set of ideas—they have been presented throughout history. The presentation that resonates most with me is referred to as The Three Principles. The Three Principles were realized by a man named Sydney Banks in 1973.

I have seen more lasting transformation through this understanding than I have through anything else in 22 years of immersing myself in psychology and spirituality.  Other theories and therapies are not even in the same ballpark … which is why I created The Little School of Big Change!

What kind of results can I expect from The Little School of Big Change?

Obviously, everyone is different and so everyone will have their own personal insights in their own unique way. While I can’t say when or how your own insights will happen, I can say that most people end up having a significant shift in how they see themselves and their habits and problems when they immerse themselves in this understanding.

I have seen these shifts happen instantly, and I have seen them happen incrementally over a longer period of time. More often than not, significant change builds over time.

Please check out the Freedom Series case studies as well as the Amazon reader reviews of The Little Book of Big Change: The No-Willpower Approach to Breaking Any Habit to see more about the kind of actual results people experience.

Will the understanding I’ll learn in the school help with anything I might be dealing with? Are there particular habits or issues it will not help?

There are no issues that are too big or too deep for change. I have seen people walk away from serious drug addictions, suicidal depression, and 30+ year eating disorders via an insightful understanding of the human experience (just to give a few examples).

The Little School of Big Change works from the inside-out. You won’t get strategies, behavioral techniques, or surface-level fixes; you will learn an understanding of life that alters the way you view all experience. It shifts your foundation. In that way, it truly does apply to everything.

I have gone through years of therapy for a very specific (binge eating, compulsive shopping, hoarding, sexual addiction, etc.) habit. Will The Little School of Big Change help with that?

There is an excellent chance that it will! This way of viewing yourself, your experiences, and your habits and problems is fundamentally different than any therapy or other approach that exists.

This understanding is truly new and different. It worked for me when nothing else did, and I’ve seen it do the same for many, many people.

When will the next The Little School of Big Change 6-week course take place?

​The ​spring 2020 course is set to begin March 2. The 6-week course runs twice each year—once in the fall and once in the spring.

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