Ask Amy: How do I get over a painful need for love and attention?

Linda’s romantic relationships are full of pain and anguish.

Huge emotional ups and downs.

How can she move past this? Listen in to find out.

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I wrote a book in 2012, as I was first coming across this New Paradigm I share. It’s called Being Human.

Being Human is full of short stories about how human life works from the inside-out. How we’re well already, but for our thinking that tries to tell us otherwise.

It’s full of stories about my kids back when they were babies and toddlers, and what they showed me about our default settings.
How things go before our thinking mind steps in and tries to run everything for us.

I am giving away the pdf of Being Human for free, at

Go over there and grab yourself a free copy. And if you already have the book, send someone you like there so they can catch a glimpse of this amazing paradigm for themselves.

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