Inspired Action

In the article Whose Underwear are you Wearing? I talked about my theory that if everyone had a career that matched what they loved to do, the world would fit together like a puzzle. Everything would run smoothly, effortlessly, and there’d be no such thing as a rude salesperson. Everyone would excellent at what they did because they’d be truly passionate for it. No one would be struggling to fit somewhere that they don’t in the name of “I have bills to pay” or because “I come from a long line of proctologists”.

Let’s apply this crazy theory to taking Action in everyday life. You know how sometimes you really want to do something and you end up doing it easily and well? And other times there’s something you think you “have to” do but you really don’t want to–and when you do it, it turns out like crap?

Writing is like that for me. There are moments when I am so motivated to write you have to physically tear me away from my laptop. Hell, I don’t even need a laptop. These moments have happened at stop lights, in the middle of a conversation with my in-laws, or waiting on line at an amusement park.  When I’m Inspired like that, I end up writing an entire article or blog post on the back of a receipt I have in the bottom of my purse.

It feels as if the writing is coming through me, I’m just holding the pen. This is Inspired Action. It’s sometimes referred to as “flow” or being “in the zone.”  For me, writing from this place is done at super-human speed and the stuff that comes out is pretty good, if I do say so myself.

Then there’s “needing” to write (or vacuum, or have that conversation, or whatever). This Action is not at all Inspired-it’s forced. The result is that it takes forever, the process is painful, and the content comes from my mind instead of from that body-soul-spirit place that I can’t even take credit for.

Two of the things I hear people complain about most are that there’s not enough time and that they “have to” do things that they don’t enjoy/that are hard. Acting from Inspiration solves these problems instantly. You know the feeling of being at a great movie or party where it feels like time is standing still? That’s Time in Inspired Action. You know the feeling of having a word at the tip of your tongue and then it suddenly pops into consciousness? That’s Effort in Inspired Action.

The next time you “have to” do something but it doesn’t feel right at the time, wait until it does. 

I can hear you all freakin’ out…”I can’t just not do what needs to be done! Is she insane?!?” First, question that belief (does it really need to be done exactly when you think it does? Really? Who’s going to die if it’s not?). Second, no one is telling you that you can’t do your stuff. I’m just suggesting you hang out for a bit, wait until you feel Inspired, and have it take half the time and turn out better.

Ludicrous, I know. But it just might work.

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