Whose Underwear are you Wearing?

Isn’t it cool that there are people who are really passionate about algebra? And chemistry and dry cleaning and accounting? Thank God for those people, because I love a good dry cleaner and it would suck to have to do that myself.

Think about all the people who are stuck doing stuff they don’t love. They’re trying to fit themselves into a mold that doesn’t quite fit—it’s like living a life that’s not really yours, going through the motions of something that doesn’t feel quite right.

Maybe you know firsthand what this feels like.

I don’t believe that our passions are random.

I believe that if something gets you excited, there’s a reason for it. I don’t care if it’s algebra or watching General Hospital. If it seriously feels good—and I don’t mean the “I’d rather watch General Hospital than organize my closets” good, but the you-have-a real-physical-inspiration-and-genuine-excitement-about-it kind of good—then that’s what you’re meant to be doing.

If you have that kind of passion about becoming an artist or starting a business or adopting a puppy but your mind keeps telling you, “you’re not good enough”, “there’s no money in that”, “there’s poop involved”, respectfully tell your mind that you appreciate it’s opinion but to please stay out of this. And then follow the inspiration because I guarantee, it’s not for nothing.

What if everyone did exactly what they most loved to do in life? Wouldn’t it be cool if the number of people who would truly love to be horse whisperers or cardiac surgeons is perfectly equal to the number of horse whisperers and cardiac surgeons the world needs?

Maybe if everyone just followed what they were most passionate about, we’d all fit perfectly into our place in the world like a puzzle coming together. We’d all be authentically ourselves doing what we love everyday. Think about how good we’d all be at what we did and how smoothly the world would run. You’d never think, “Am I qualified?” or “Is there a market for that?” Your passion would qualify you.

Instead, it’s like we’re all trying to fit ourselves into clothes that don’t fit. Not everyone—some people are doing what they’re meant to be doing. But way too many of us are wearing someone else’s underwear. And they are cutting off our circulation.

–That’s my daughter, wearing some underwear that definitely don’t fit and definitely aren’t hers. Just to be clear, they’re not mine, either.

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