Dear Peeps,

Do you ever have a question you’d love to ask a master life coach? Some issue you’d really like to run by someone other than your Aunt Betty? An issue you’d like to get a handle on? Want to hear a new perspective on something that’s been up with you?

Do you want to know how to do something? Or how to stop doing something?

Have a pattern you want someone to help you dissect? An in-law you want someone to help you talk to?

Well my friends, you’re in luck. Because one of my absolute favorite things in the whole world to do (this is not sarcasm, by the way), is coach through writing. Ask one of the 50+ clients who’ve hired me for email coaching in the past year.

Or one of the several hundred (almost 1000, actually) people who have asked questions via my Ask Amy column at Hintcafe.

Or ask yourself. Because you obviously read this blog and that’s pretty much what I’m doing here a few times a week.

I love it. And I think I’m pretty good at it. Coaching and giving advice, that is. I know some people squabble about the difference, but it’s all good to me.  

I can coach you toward finding your own answers or I can tell you what I think.

In real life, it’s always a hybrid. 

So, why not do it here?

If you have a question, issue, pattern, habit, rut from which you’d like to escape, email me. If I think it might be interesting to other readers, I’ll post a response. Totally anonymous (you, not me).

And I’ll tell you what…if I choose not to post it I’ll send you a response anyway. So you kind of can’t lose.

I’ll be hearing from ya.

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