Life Isn’t Fair

Read this. It’s really good.

Here’s the gist: A woman was feeling disillusioned, frustrated, tired.  (We’ve all been there, right? I was there most of yesterday.) She was railing against her predominating thought: “Life isn’t fair”.

Her very smart coach gently pointed out that life isn’t fair. Because it’s not. Of course.

Believing life should be fair and observing that it’s not sucks. The freedom is in knowing life isn’t fair. And maybe even loving that it isn’t fair.

How can we love that life isn’t fair? This very smart coach asked the woman to list 20 ways she is grateful that life isn’t fair. 20 ways she has benefited from life not being fair.

This really is one of those things you have to actually do yourself to get. It doesn’t take long—I did my list in about 3 minutes. Even if it takes you 10…it’ll be a really good use of 10 minutes, I promise.

Here’s my list of 20 reasons I am so incredibly grateful that life is not fair:

1. I met the perfect (for me) man online, in the most unlikely time/place.

2. I got pregnant.

3. My parents made a lot of mistakes which led to me reading self-help books and studying psychology textbooks when I was 10.

4. I make awesome money and get to basically do what I want each day.

5. Getting straight A’s and earning a Ph.D. was pretty easy for me.

6. I am really, really physically healthy. Always have been.

7. I got to sail around the world and get paid for it when everyone said I couldn’t.

8. I had an extremely easy pregnancy and delivery even though “hard” runs in my family.

9. I get to talk to brave people about their lives everyday.

10. I spend a ton of time with my family.

11. I actually like vegetables and exercise.

12. I got to experience panic disorder and learn about change by getting through it. Now I’m writing a book on change partially inspired by that experience.

13. I didn’t die in the car accident.

14. I have driven drunk, tried many drugs, and done a lot of things that easily could have killed me or someone else. But they didn’t.

15. We found Pepsi.

16. I have the ability to do just about anything I want.

17. I’m book smart AND I have common sense.

18. I know how to be happy.

19. I was born in America, not Afghanistan.

20. I always knew there was something more than what I was raised with.

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