The truth about drama

Do you attract drama?

If you have a lot of drama-filled people or situations in your life, I’m going to say something you won’t like.  

It might be time to look in the mirror.

Yes, they may be crazy. I totally give you that. It may honestly, without a doubt, be all their stuff that’s coming up and causing drama.

You can approach other people’s drama in a totally Enlightened way and get through it just fine. But if it keeps showing up in your life—even when you’re really not the cause or the aggravator of it—it’s time to look at yourself.

Just take a peek. Not with blame or judgment. Never with blame or judgment. Just peek with objectivity and interest.

Why might you be attracting this drama? Are you attracting it, or do you think it’s a coincidence?

When else have you had drama around you? Could there be something about you that triggers it? Do you ask for it or invite it in some unconscious, unintentional way?

We treat people how to treat us. How are you teaching people to treat you?

Deepak Chopra says one marker of wholeness is an end to negative or drama-filled people and circumstances in your life. When you get in touch with your core, and you feel connected to everything in life, and you’re more whole (meaning you embrace your shadow and your light), drama falls away.

I believe it because I’ve seen it. Some people always have drama. Some people never do.

I say it’s not a contest, but the level of drama—even when it’s totally other people’s stuff—in your life says a lot about where you are, how you think, and you view your connection to other people and the rest of the universe.

How much drama floats around you? How will you own it?

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