Wouldn’t THIS be wild?

What if all humans were equal?  Not just created equal…what if we couldn’t help but remain equals our entire lives no matter what happened to us or what choices we made?  

What if all the evidence we use to separate ourselves from others; all those facts and all that proof we use to decide that we’re better or worse or the same or different were totally random?

What if our human truths like “it’s better to be this way than that way” were fictional? Completely made up and scripted like Alice in Wonderland and Keeping up with the Kardashians?

What if we were all equally worthy of love? What if rich and poor and fat and thin and happy and depressed and genius and mentally retarded were all okay? Being one instead of the other didn’t make you better or worse, it just made you different.

What if those labels were observations rather than judgments—noticing that a person is attractive or schizophrenic or homeless would be just like noticing that you had an apple or a pear or a banana?

Don’t you ever wonder what things would be like? How we’d treat each other and what we’d chose to do with our lives and how we’d feel when we look in mirror…

Wouldn’t that be wild?


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