How to change the world

(I didn’t write this one…Illuminated Mind did. Originally titled “Change the world by Being Who you Are”)

It’s easy to think that we don’t have an impact. It’s easy to say “I’m too small” or think that what you do doesn’t matter.

That’s a lie.

Every action you take ripples out into the world. Yes, you are an expression of the universe. But the universe is also an expression of You.

So, what’s the fastest way to change the world? Accept yourself as you are.

We fail to make a difference when we act small, and shrink to put ourselves in boxes. We only reinforce the status quo when we fall into line in search of approval.

The biggest difference you can make in the world is not to do something amazing. It’s not about invention, or uncovering planetary shifting ideas. The people who have made their mark on the world surely have done some of these things. But they didn’t set out to, not at first. They tapped into who they were in a big way.

If you want to make a dent in the world, you don’t need to be remarkable or have an earth-shattering vision.

What you need is inside of you.

Cultivate an always-on connection with who you are. Then find the deepest way you can express it. Don’t worry, depth will come with time. At first, you’ll only scratch the surface.

But as you follow that luminous thread of You, you’ll unravel something amazing. You’ll find a light so bright inside that it’s nearly blinding. And when you discover it, you’ll see there’s no way that you can not express it. It can’t be held back.

When you discover it, you’ll radiate it out into the world — like a prism — connecting and illuminating the lights of others.

Then you find something curious… the easiest way to change the world is by being who you are.It’s only when you cover, censor and hesitate that you cement the world as it is. You can let go of that now and fall comfortably into your own brilliance.

Let go and embrace who you really are. I hope you will, because the world needs the truest you.

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