Gratitude for Being Human

Here’s what I’m grateful for right now: being human.

The whole of it. Everything that being human entails.

I used to think being human kind of sucked most of the time. With our habitual patterns that run on auto-pilot and our irrationally fearful thoughts and our unpredictable emotions.

Human-ness felt like a big hassle. I would fantasize about being super-human; not another species or anything, just one of those people who seemed untouchable and above the petty problems and insecurities of the rest of us.

Not just spiritual but uber-enlightened. Buddha-like.

And part of me would still love to be led by Spirit so much that it feels other-worldly. But this world—and being human on it—isn’t so bad either.

My change in thinking came mostly from my clients.

This isn’t something I normally go around talking about and it’s going to sound cheesy as all get out, but I’m okay with that…

You see, I sort of fall in love with these people who let me into their lives and ask for my opinion. I’m serious about that. It felt weird at first, but I’m starting to really like it.

Each time someone is honest about who they are and what they’re struggling with, you come face to face with humanity. When they unabashedly share their full-on human-ness, you wonder how you got so lucky.

Every time someone is willing to not only own their imperfections and vulnerabilities but reveal them…well, it just doesn’t get much attractive than that.

Why is it so sexy? For one, you get a peak behind the curtain. We all have shame about what’s behind our own curtain so when someone lets you peak into their imperfect inner world, you feel more human yourself. You relax a bit about your own imperfections.

There is almost nothing I’ve ever heard from someone else that I couldn’t personally feel or relate to in some way. I know that’s true for you, too. We don’t all experience things the same way, but the thoughts and feelings that make us human are much the same. Byron Katie says there are no new thoughts. Watching someone else bravely feel what you’ve felt imparts a bond that’s indescribable.

So what I’m really grateful for right now is being human. In all its messy vulnerability and emotion and turmoil. And for the friends and clients and honest strangers who have helped me see that it only feels ugly when you hide it. When you’re pinching the curtain closed so that no one gets a peak, the thought of being uber-enlightened and super-human is very enticing.

But you don’t need all that. All you need is the courage to be human. Trust me, what feels so ugly to you won’t look so bad to whomever you’re showing. They might even fall in love with you for it.

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