Spinning through outer space

In his book The Untethered Soul, Michael Singer says something so obviously simple and true that it’s been messing with my head ever since.  (Truth is astonishingly simple. Always.)

He says we’re sitting on a planet spinning through outer space.

Oh yeah!  I forgot. Did you?

Maybe it’s partly my line of work, but I see people get really stuck in their psychology. It’s not their fault—our view of the world is filtered through our mind, and our minds try their hardest to convince us that what they think is right.

But while our psychology creates our experience of life, it’s not life.  There is a much bigger truth out there than “The other kids made fun of me” or “My mom was a bitch” or “I’m addicted to alcohol”. There is much more that is fundamentally you than those little aspects of your personal psychology.

You’re sitting on a planet spinning through outer space.

Those things happened in your past and you had reactions to them. And then they stopped happening. Did your reactions to them stop?  Or do you keep them alive by dragging them back into your current consciousness?

You’re sitting on a planet spinning through outer space.

But you don’t understand, I hear you thinking. This really affected me. I haven’t been the same since. I can’t let go. I can’t forgive. I can’t just trust again, even though I want to.

You can’t? You’re sitting on a planet spinning through outer space. Isn’t it worth a shot?

Isn’t it worth letting down your guard, admitting that maybe everything you believe is wrong, opening up?

We’re all just sitting on a planet spinning through outer space. For now anyway, until we’re all dead one day.  

This spinning through outer space business does something big for me. It makes me want to say screw it to all the holding on and being right. And just LIVE while I can.  I hope it does that for you too.

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