Musical Miller (and the Biggest Lie about Music since Milli Vanilli)

I take my boy Miller to a music class each week. Musical Miller

He loooves music, loves to move and dance, loves to shake shaky things and beat drum-like things with large sticks.

At the beginning of the class, the teacher reminds the adults in the room: All children are musical. We are born musical. All children can learn to carry a tune and keep rhythm.

She’s subtly reminding us not to fall for the notion that our children aren’t musical, artistic, or athletic. Not to riddle them with limitations the way we so often do to our adult selves.

We’re all born pre-wired for enjoyment and success in so many areas, but we quickly get the idea that we aren’t good at certain things and so…well, we’re not.

My friend Lisa Esile recently discovered this for herself. She fell for the lie that she wasn’t musical, until she realized she was. I’m going to let her tell it because she tells it really well.

Read The Biggest Lie About Music Since Milli Vanilli…

(I’ve just discovered this about myself with art, by the way, thanks to a project Lisa and I are working on together. The project involves drawing and painting all sorts of things I never thought I could draw and paint. And what do you know…I am artistic! We’ll share the project with you when it’s finished and you can see our artwork.)

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