Peacefully, Gracefully Annoyed

I realize I sound a bit crazy when I talk about having bad days that aren’t so bad (as I do here. And here). very_upset

It is so comfortable and…different…to not fear what you feel. To really get that whatever is going on for you is human, perfectly okay, not the least bit meaningful, and on its way out the door by the time you notice it. When you deeply know those truths, you can relax into a bad day almost as easily as you can relax into a good day.

You can lean back and allow any unpleasant experience to simply be there until it’s not, with nothing required on your part to make it go away.

Hugh Prather calls it being peacefully irritated, peacefully depressed, peacefully jealous. And that’s the perfect way to put it. When you’re not trying to change anything and you’re not afraid of what you’re feeling, you’re peaceful.

In the midst of anything, there is a backdrop of peace rather than struggle. I think this is what it means to be gracious with your highs and graceful with your lows.

Try being peacefully, gracefully annoyed this week instead of just plain annoyed. Or peacefully, gracefully disappointed rather than just plain disappointed.

It’s actually not so bad.

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