The Reason You Aren’t More Consistent

It’s an interesting idea we humans have…this idea that we’re supposed to be consistent. consistent

We intuitively know that our state of mind is always fluctuating, but we want those fluctuations to be subtle, like the adjustments you might make to your steering wheel.  Bigger swings are usually met with concern that sounds something like, “I’m so emotional lately!”, “I’m all over the place!”, or “I don’t know what’s wrong with me!”

We also intuitively know that our results aren’t set in stone. We pick up habits, we drop habits…but we want it to be black and white.  We want to know that our habits have completely retreated; that our old patterns are gone forever. But it’s not always that way, is it? Even when you are habit-free, those old, familiar urges can cross your path at any time. Of course that’s not a problem unless you’ve decided that it shouldn’t be that way.

We intuitively know that our thoughts are always in flux, rushing in and out, changing on a dime. We see this multiple times a day when our thoughts skip from insignificant topic to insignificant topic. Yet, we zoom in on select slices of racing thoughts and wonder, “What is that about?” “Where did that come from?” or like at least one client says to me nearly every day, “I thought I was done with that old thinking”.

It makes sense that we would yearn for consistency. Consistency feels safe. It’s not necessarily any safer than inconsistency, but we definitely feel safer when we convince ourselves that we know what’s coming.

And because we think about our thinking so much, we notice our lack of consistency all of the time. Children don’t think about their thinking, so they couldn’t care less about being consistent. The concept of consistency doesn’t even register with children because they aren’t comparing the present to the past. When you’re not looking at the past, there is no such thing as consistency. 

‘Consistent’ is obviously totally relative so it’s tough to gauge anyway, but the way I see it, humans are nature so we’re about as consistent as nature.

We are universal energy manifest in a physical human form. We are All That Is taken shape.

Everything fluctuates.

Why would we call it okay when the weather has violent mood swings, but call it not-normal-at-all when we do?

What if you were meant to shoot around wildly at times, and bob along gracefully at other times?

As is always the case, it is only calling it a problem that makes it a problem.

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