Waiting to See what you Might Do

There is an idea I’ve been playing with lately—especially in the midst of visionaries, New Years’ resolution-ers, and game-planners. It’s the idea of waiting to see what you might do. anticipation

Waiting to see what you might do is in contrast to deciding what to do. It’s the opposite of mentally making a choice, or coming down on one side or another.

It is watching life move you forward, excitedly waiting to see what you end up doing.

Eagerly anticipating which way inspiration will fling you.

Waiting to see what you might do involves something like being in the unknown, curiously wondering what you might bump into. You have free will. You will do something; make some choice or choices along the way.

It’s not inactive—it’s more like waiting to let those choices be revealed to you, in a way.

It’s not charting a course; it’s jumping in your boat, excited to let the wind guide you but knowing that you’re still going to have some steering to do.

It has nothing to do with being complacent or wishy-washy. It’s no better than mentally choosing and it’s no worse than mentally choosing. It’s different.

It is about putting your faith in something bigger than your little mind, knowing that the combination of your little mind and Universal Mind is a magical combination. You are guided by life force and you have amazing creativity and smarts, and they come together in thrilling ways.

Waiting to see what you might do is about discovering more so than confirming or actively crafting.

Martha Beck once talked about it as feeling for “what wants to happen”. Don’t you love that?

Others talk about it as being in the unknown, or being in a place that feels “pregnant with possibility”, where you’re not inspired to control or shape things because you have the sense that they will be shaped perfectly without your input.

Sounds kind of exhilarating, doesn’t it? I’m learning to love it here.

Hang out for a bit, with me. I think you’ll learn to love it too.

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