The Power of Staying Where You Are

There is nothing in the world that can’t be worked out by taking things one…moment…at…a…time. screen-shot-2016-12-21-at-5-07-27-pm

There are no unanswerable questions and no unsolvable problems. There is no angst or anxiety. All is ridiculously well when you simply Stay Here and do what occurs to you in this very moment.

It doesn’t have to be right or good enough—there is no such thing as right or wrong, success or failure in this very moment. This very moment is free of your judgments and opinions. This very moment is completely free of what-ifs, memories of what happened last time, and visions of how well other people do things.

Can you imagine? Just here, now. Here, now. Letting what’s showing up through you be the only thing you could possibly need.

Acting from your best hunch (your best hunches are clear and good when you’re free of all that thought) is more than sufficient. Your intellect is already working on your behalf. If there are facts or figures to consider, just stay here, now. Your intellect will grab them for you. If there are memories or projections that would help, they’ll come up. You don’t have to manage that process. Stay out of your head and in the space beneath your conceptual mind and you’ll be in excellent shape.

Life is incredibly, deceptively simple.  It’s like the sidewalk in Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean video—you take one step and the next one lights up. So take one step: do what occurs to you from here. Then—and usually only then—the next step is ready to take.

The rest of the story—next steps, new information, new insights and perspective—will show up after you do what most occurs to you from here.

Of course, this is simple but not always easy.  Your mind has a serious case of wanderlust and it doesn’t trust your hunches.

That’s okay. Let your mind try to figure things out. Let it opine and time travel.

You just stay here and take only the next step.

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