A New Era

Our understanding of how human beings work is undergoing a pretty massive transformation.

Love, compassion, and understanding used to be qualities we could bring into our lives to combat the very real problems of separation, confusion, and disconnection.

Now we know that love, compassion, and understanding are who we are. They can’t be absent. Separation, confusion, and disconnection are experiences that come and go. They are ultimately made of thought, so they are illusory.

Old ways of supporting people simply don’t make sense in the new era.

Does it make sense to make change happen when we see that it’s always happening by default?

Does it make sense to go into the past when we see that we exist in a steady stream of brand new experience?

Does it make sense to try to fix someone when we see they can’t possibly be broken?

It’s not that the old ways are wrong, it’s just that they no longer apply.


The old way: Accepting “what is”.

The new way: Understanding that “what is” is completely thought-created and in flux.


The old way: “I think…”

The new way: “I think.”


The old way: Changing your state.

The new way: Watching your state change on its own.


The old way: “What is true in your experience?”

The new way: “What is true of all humans, by nature?”


The old way: Relying on willpower.

The new way: Looking toward insight.


The old way: Oh, Sh&!

The new way: Oh. This.


The old way: Psychology.

The new way: Before psychology.


The old way: Being held accountable.

The new way: Following inclinations.


The old way: External triggers.

The new way: Internal experience arising in the moment.


The old way: Experience change by mastering what always moves.

The new way: Experience change by looking toward what never moves.


The old way: Hustle.

The new way: Hunch.


The old way: I know.

The new way: I don’t know.


The old way: Don’t go to bed angry.

The new way: Sleep on it; it’ll look clearer in the morning.


The old way: Personal mind (rationality) is the master.

The new way: Personal mind (rationality) is the servant.


The old way: “What makes you tick?”

The new way: “How do all humans work?”


The old way: Inquiring into what you’re thinking.

The new way: Deeply seeing that you’re thinking.


The old way: Asking why.

The new way: Knowing that why doesn’t matter.


The old way: Reframing.

The new way: Seeing the illusory nature of thought.


The old way: Adding more knowledge.

The new way: Subtracting what you think you know.


The old way: Answering “who are you?” with words, traits and labels.

The new way: Answering “who are you?” with a mysterious grin and a refusal to put words to it.


The old way: Making things happen.

The new way: Getting out of the way so that things can happen.


The old way: Mindfulness.

The new way: Understanding Mind.


The old way: Waiting for insight.

The new way: Realizing that insight can’t be stopped.


The old way: Children–and some adults–are resilient.

The new way: Resilience isn’t a personality trait, it’s a human given.


The old way: Theories.

The new way: Principles.











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