EP15: How Alcohol Addiction is Changeable with Annie Grace

In this episode of Changeable I talk with Annie Grace, author of This Naked Mind.

Annie used to drink a lot, and now she doesn’t. It didn’t resonate with her to label herself an alcoholic or go to meetings and talk a lot about it (although those are helpful things to do for some people). Instead, Annie saw something about how her mind was tricking her into believing she needed–and even liked–alcohol.

As Annie saw the truth about alcohol, the illusions began to melt away and she found she no longer craved it in the same way. Annie’s book This Naked Mind points to many of the same truths I share in the New Paradigm, without Annie knowing anything about the New Paradigm.

If you’d like to see through an illusion in your life, I think you’ll love this conversation.

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