The Time Song Showed Up

Feeling unhappy is a habit.

What else could it be?

It’s not your nature. It’s not a feature of your conditions or surroundings. It’s not dictated by your DNA.

It’s simply where your mind goes.

You unknowingly picked it up at some point, the way you unknowingly pick up an accent or a virus.

It’s where your mind goes so often, so stealthily, that it becomes part of the wallpaper of who you think you are. It bleeds into what you see as “out there”. It bleeds into what you see as “life”, “the world”, “me”.  You can’t separate them.

You feel how you feel and see the world you see. What’s to discuss? It is what it is, right?

Free? Of course you’re not free! We should feel how life is for you!

But I had a really funny experience the other day.

I was feeling kind of heavy and burdened…playing out some elaborate scenes in my head, not realizing they were scenes in my head…

And song showed up.

I wasn’t singing. It sure didn’t feel like I was singing! I was burdened and in my head. But singing came through anyway.

Song appeared. Song didn’t care what scene was playing on center stage any more than the lights in the theater care whether it’s before or after intermission.

Light appears in the theater anyway, and song appeared through me.

It’s doesn’t mean anything when song doesn’t appear. That’s not the point.

I just wanted to remind you—or tell you for the first time if you didn’t already know—that feeling unhappy is a habit.  It just doesn’t look or feel like one.

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