EP45: Horizontal vs. Vertical Change (and What They Mean for your Freedom)

Horizontal change starts with what you know, and moves you toward a place you can see.

It’s linear. Incremental. Often effortful. Horizontal change is you bettering, or improving upon something.

Vertical change isn’t about what you know and it doesn’t take you to some finish line you can currently see. It’s all about the “I don’t know”.

Rather than coming about by effortful, incremental action steps, it’s a leap. Vertical change happens via insight, when you move from one consciousness to another.

Horizontal is fixing; vertical is SEEING. Horizontal is personal; vertical is universal.

Both types of change are awesome and we’re all experiencing both all the time. But what I’ve seen about vertical change is that we can have a lot more of it…like, a lot more of it….when we know about it. When we see that it’s possible and when we look toward how we work and what’s true of all people in a universal, impersonal way.

I hope this episode opens you to a new level of curiosity about vertical leaps in your own life. And if you’d like to see much more about this, please join me at my US and UK workshops this year–Transformation Along the Vertical Dimension. I’d love to see you in Michigan or London this month for a truly vertical, insight-full couple of days.

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