EP48: Your Experience isn’t About what it Appears to be About

Our experience almost always looks like it’s about something, right?

It looks to us like we think about stuff.

We feel emotions over what happened or about what’s coming up.

Human brains love stories. Human experience typically includes a logical storyline and a bunch of reasons for why we’re thinking and feeling the way we are.

But how accurate is the “about”? What if I told you that the about part, comes after the fact?

It’s not so much that you’re thinking about the upcoming trip, as that you’re thinking—first and foremost. Your thinking mind is wrapping its thought around the plot of an upcoming trip.

Maybe that sounds the same as saying that you’re thinking about the upcoming trip, and in many ways it is the same, at least as far as your experience of it is concerned.

But it’s also incredibly insightful and freeing to separate out the “about”. To see that we think and feel, always. And it’s not necessarily “about” what it appears to be about.

You might see your experience in a whole new way after this episode.

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