EP55: Emillie’s Change Story: Binge Eating

Changeable Binge EatingEmillie has been around this understanding for a while.

She was in and out. She’d hear something profound and helpful, then fall back toward her long-time disordered eating habits and assume she had lost whatever it was she heard.

But after a while, something interesting began to happen. Even though Emillie was still binge eating–worse than ever, actually–what she saw and felt about the health she possessed beyond her habit–grew and grew.

For a while, Emillie was on a wild ride, knowing that she was peace, love, and health, and yet falling into habitual thoughts, feelings and behaviors often. But the scales were tipping. I could see it. Others in LSBC could see it in her. Eventually her habit began to break up and fall away in large chunks, like an iceberg breaking apart and melting in the water.

Emillie’s story is full of insight and wisdom about how it sometimes looks as we shed old habits that no longer make sense.


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