EP59: Susan’s Change Story: Agoraphobia

For decades, Susan rarely left her house.

She couldn’t bear to have visitors. Service calls were routinely cancelled last minute. Friends and family knew to keep a distance while she coped with her anxiety the best she could.

Little by little, as Sue immersed herself in the New Paradigm understanding, she began to see things differently.

She didn’t instantly start running all over town. But she began to feel as if she could. As if she would, someday soon.

Then, she did. Sue came to a call with her nails done one day, from a nail tech who came into her home. She had a fresh haircut.

She shared how she had made it to the park she dreamed of visiting. Little by little, her bike rides extended beyond her “safety zone”.

Sue’s safe zone is larger than it has been in 20+ years. Best of all, she sees that it’s all made up. She absolutely knows that it’s only a matter of time until there is no safety zone.

Susan’s story is full of hope and patience and strength. I know you’ll feel it as you listen!


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