EP113: Dismantling False Beliefs to End Addiction with John Dicey, CEO of Allen Carr’s Easyway Method

I was ridiculously excited to talk with John Dicey, CEO of Allen Carr’s Easyway Method. 

Allen Carr’s Easyway books have sold over 14 Million copies worldwide. Fourteen MILLION. They’ve applied their method to smoking, drinking, overeating, and a growing handful of other issues. 

The essence of their approach is so much in line with the essence of everything I share here and in The Little School of Big Change around where our experience comes from. John says that addiction is 99% mental and 1% physical. We think we’re addicted more than we are. 

And we think we’re addicted because of our inaccurate beliefs about what our substance of choice does for us and our misunderstandings about how addiction works. 

We have so much more health and resilience than any of us can ever imagine. When we see through the conditioned beliefs, we find it waiting there for us. 

I hope you enjoy this conversation with John Dicey! 


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