Little girl smiling GiddyI love the word giddy. I love the feeling of it too. Who doesn’t?

When’s the last time you felt giddy?

Giddy is the feeling of so much energy–the energy that creates worlds–bubbling to the surface.

So much pure, wild energy that you wiggle and bounce. Your face does funny things like Willow’s in this picture. You giggle. You can’t hold it back. The energy is rushing so strong that it’s busting through your mature, responsible facade.

I keep hearing from people that they haven’t felt excited or hopeful–let alone giddy–in months. They haven’t felt much giddiness post-March, for sure.

A heavy blanket of thought (worry, future-predicting, news consumption) stifles the energy a bit. Your bounce and your giggle are weighed down, beneath the surface, imperceptible.

But they are still there. They are always still there and that’s so important to know. Even now, they are still there,

See if you can sense that energy. You may not start instantly giggling, but see if you can sense the rushing, giddy energy that is who you are. Call it up a bit, it’s okay. Yes, even when the world isn’t perfect, it’s okay to feel giddy.

Only a bit of mental activity is in the way.

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