Bean Boozled

two smiling kids

Have you heard of this game?

It’s disgusting.

You spin a wheel that lands on the color of jelly bean you’ll eat. Maybe you spin yellow with red specks. That means the jelly bean you’ll eat is either strawberry banana smoothie…or barf.

Yes, a barf flavored jelly bean. And it’s DISGUSTING. These jelly bean makers nailed the gross flavors.

Spin a brown jelly bean and you’ll eat chocolate pudding…or canned dog food.

Spin white and you’ll eat coconut–Yum!–or spoiled milk.

One of my kids loves this game. The other refuses to play (despite his smile in this picture).

One of them loves the suspense of whether the jelly bean with be delicious or disgusting. She loves the huge ups and downs, she loves gagging and spitting out a gross jelly bean and she loves the wave of relief when she eats a delicious jelly bean.

Her brother doesn’t love those extremes in bean boozled or in many things in life. He likes to know what’s coming. He likes comfort, the middle, no extremes. He covers his eyes at even a mildly scary scene in movies. She moves closer to the screen, eyes wider.

I find it fascinating that the same feelings can be experienced so differently. Waves of energy, surprise, and gagging on grossness can be fun or torture or anything in between.

If any feeling can be loved or hated, maybe feelings aren’t as powerful and objective as they appear?

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