All the Same

5 pairs of feetWe are one being.

We look separate. We seem different. It appears as if there are solid boundaries that make you you, me me, and that that.

But beyond those more-illusory-than-real boundaries, our sameness is massive, deep, and essential. Our differences are superficial and fleeting.

Our habits are also all the same but for the surface-level ways they show up.

Our fears and insecurities are all the same but for the details in our mind’s stories. My mind may tell a different insecure story than yours, but both of us have minds telling stories.

Habits, anxieties, and problems aren’t yours. They aren’t special. They have nothing to do with you.

They are rooted in innocent, human misunderstanding about what is you and yours.

When we see our shared being, these misunderstandings fall to the background and our health floats to the foreground.


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