EP133: The Impersonal Nature of Thought Part 2

In Part 2, I share two stories to illustrate how things tend to go when our experience looks personal, and how things can go when it doesn’t. 

Jane often experiences anxious reactions to her sometimes-unkind sister in law. Jane says the problem is that she’s too sensitive. She should be tougher. She should be able to find a new way to think about her sister in law. 

When this looks personal, like Jane and her sensitivity are the problem, her options are limited. She’s left trying to change herself, believe new thoughts, or end contact with her sister in law. 

But what if this response is just what a mind and body do? What if it has absolutely nothing to do with Jane or her sensitivities? 

So much opens up from there. 

I’ll share Walter’s experience as well. Walter thinks he’s socially awkward and that people find him strange. But what if Walter’s experience around other people has absolutely nothing to do with him?

What if his experience is 100% impersonal?

This changes everything. 


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