Home Base isn’t a Feeling

smiling womanIt’s our natural set point. The home to which the momentum of life naturally bounces us back.⁠

But more than “within us”, home base is us. It’s everything. It’s the only thing there is. ⁠

There’s often some confusion about this. Sometimes it looks like home base is a feeling. Or home base looks like a state–a state of clarity, peace, or love. ⁠

But the home base I’m talking about isn’t a feeling at all. It’s not psychological and it doesn’t have qualities that come and go.⁠

The home base I’m referring to is the space within which all life rises and falls. It’s that space where you may feel psychological experience, but you aren’t psychological experience. ⁠

Who we are is the space, the container, the backdrop, the consciousness.⁠

What we feel is the psychological experience of peace or terror or craving or elation.⁠

Can you see the huge difference? ⁠

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