There’s Nothing to Wait for

smiling woman on a street“I’m seeing that fresh new thought shows up for me, but what do I do in the meantime? Just sit around and wait?”
“Do I go sit in my office each day and wait for it? Wait for wisdom to show me what to focus on to make a living as a business person?”

It’s easy to hear it this way. “Wisdom” can turn into another concept we’re wrapping our heads around, conceptualizing. We form concepts of what it looks like, when and how it shows up, from where it originates, what it’s not.

But all of those things are concepts. They aren’t “wisdom”, they are our mind’s conceptions of something we’re calling “wisdom”. They are our ideas. And like all ideas, they can be all over the place.

We are wisdom. It runs through us, moving us through life, constantly. There is nothing to wait for because we literally can’t get away from it.

What’s going on when we think we need to sit and wait for it is that our mind has jumped in with some rules, opinions, and concepts that we don’t realize we’ve made up.

We think wisdom will look like productivity and action.

We think wisdom will lead to a business idea.

We think wisdom will feel good.

We think wisdom will support us financially.

We think wisdom will keep us in something we call “flow” (another concept).

There is no waiting for wisdom. There’s just What Is. It’s always there, running us, moving us, breathing us, thinking us.

We can’t be separate from it so we can’t possibly need to wait for it.

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