People like me

woman gazing in to the distant future people like meIf you ask your mind to tell you what’s likely in your future, I bet it will. 

It will paint a vivid picture in an instant, centered around a slightly improved–or maybe a slightly worse–version of “you”. 

“You” is in quotes because it’s not really you, of course. It’s the “you” your mind sees. The “you” your mind created and carries through time, projecting what this “you” will experience in the future, as if it could know such a thing. 

Your mind will project “you” into some other time and space, and try to pass it off as a done deal. 

In this imaginary future, you might have some different qualities, but it’s a matter of degree rather than a matter of actual change. Maybe you see yourself in the future having moved up in your company, with improved health and maybe more confidence or clarity. But do you see how the picture is still rooted in what’s already been created? Your mind takes a snapshot of “you” as it sees you, adds a little here or a little there, and then calls that your future. 

Your mind’s calculations are full of “people like me” limits. “People like me” don’t experience that much change our mind says, while we watch transformation happen for others. “People like me” don’t get sick, or divorced, or experience deep, lasting peace of mind, or financial security. 


Isn’t it good to know that “you” and “people like you” aren’t real things at all? 


There is nothing at all in the future, especially not “you”. And that’s the best news ever.

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