EP155: Being Yourself with Dr. Robert Solomon

Me and Dr. Bob Solomon are major geeks for helping people be themselves again.

From the time we’re babies, we’re taught how to be. Don’t cry. Be a good girl or a good boy. Say please. Be grateful. Do the right thing. 

This is the beginning of us being led away from what feels right to us. As well-meaning as it is, it’s us being led away from natural, heart-centered living to rule-based, head-centered living. 

And it is just the beginning. Our societies, religions, and political systems pick up where our parents left off. As we live from rules and expectations and lose touch with living authentically, the results are not good–people pleasing, approval seeking, feeling disconnected from ourselves and others, unfulfilled, and unsure what we like or want. 

Bob and I believe that living inauthentically is at the root of all anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and addiction. 

As pervasive as our conditioning is, there is a ton of hope for living more from our hearts. We can always come back to being ourselves because it’s natural. It’s essential. We’re designed for it. 

And the payoffs are amazing, from ease and fulfillment, clarity and peace of mind, and connection with yourself, others, and the world. In this conversation, we discuss how being yourself and living a heart-based, authentic life can literally reverse pretty much any problem on our planet. 

I know you’ll get so much from this episode. If you’re interested in the course we’re leading around Being Yourself, you can see more here:  https://dramyjohnson.com/beingyourself 


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