That’s Thought Too

smiling woman drawing thought

I listen to a lot of recorded coaching sessions during the Change Coach Training. The coaches send me their sessions so that I can provide feedback.

I often listen to their clients say things like, “I’ve listened to so many podcasts, why do I still feel bad?” Or, “I’ve been around this understanding for X months/years, so I don’t understand why I feel this way.”

I want to jump through the phone and tell them, “That’s thought too!”

You haven’t gotten it wrong and the New Paradigm is not too good to be true. It’s simply that there’s more to see.

There is thought present. It’s saying “I shouldn’t feel this way”. And it doesn’t look like thought at all; it looks like irrefutable truth. It looks like you shouldn’t feel this way, but of course you should. You do. Life didn’t get it wrong, you’re simply not seeing the massive misguided expectation in your path.

They are thinking there’s a solid problem when there really isn’t one. There is “problem thinking” moving through, and they don’t see it as thought.

So, they often go headfirst into more, more, more. More podcasts, more effort, more hours logged, more books read, all the while, believing there is a real problem to solve.

That’s thought too.

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