Letting a Mind do it’s Job

security man on escalatorIf you’ve read Just a Thought (now available in the US, by the way!), you know why I find it so important to see what minds do.

When we see, we don’t take it so personally. We get to be awake to it even while it’s happening.

When we see, we realize it’s love and intelligence whether we like it or not.

When we see, we tend to naturally lose some interest in it. Our vision widens to give us a greater sense of what’s beyond all that coming-and-going experience.

Amanda Jones, amazing coach in The Little School of Big Change, was recently responding to a woman who wrote about how her mind gets extra loud and bossy especially after she’s had a period of relative quiet.

“What’s up with that?” the woman was wondering. “I thought if I found peace, my mind/brain would get on board.”

What she’s describing is so common. Minds/brains often don’t instantly get on board with peace and quiet because that’s not their job. Their job is to talk and label and predict and protect (as they see how, anyway).

I just loved these two lines Amanda shared with her:

“It is really quite profound to begin to see the mind/brain as a function of safety protocols, an activity that is not meant to be halted.

“AND at the same time, that mind has the capacity to see through its fabrications so that the machinery can run beautifully but without so much confusion and searching to make it stop!”
THIS is why it helps to see what minds do. Exactly this.

Isn’t it amazing that we have the ability to see what minds do and be at peace with it, not so that it stops, but so that it continues?

So that it can simply do its job and we don’t have to believe there’s a problem?

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