EP172: Less is Unbelievably More in Parenting with Jenny Roberts

Jenny Roberts has been working with parents and their children (but really just the parents) for decades. Jenny lives in Australia and worked with parents who were feeling completely overwhelmed and hopeless throughout Australia and all over the world.

She’d move in with families who were at the end of their rope, dealing with children who wouldn’t sleep, were acting out, were diagnosed with autism or severe learning disabilities, and within days, things would be remarkably different.

What did she do? Well, not much, and that’s the point. Essentially–and these are my words, not Jenny’s –her focus was helping the parents chill out and back off so that their children’s health and resilience had a chance to rise to the surface. 

To say that Jenny’s approach is unusual and even a little extreme, is an understatement. 

And, at the same time, it makes absolute perfect sense given what we know. All humans—even brand new ones–are full of health. They know what they need. When not interfered with too much, they thrive.

When a child isn’t thriving, Jenny often found a parent who was worried, anxious, and trying to control things. A parent who was not seeing their child’s health and resilience. 

This is a must-listen episode, whether you’re a parent or not. 


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