EP181: “Two years in this conversation has gotten me nowhere”. My response to a frustrated listener.

Alice wrote to me saying that after two years in this conversation, she doesn’t feel any better off.

There were several things she said she didn’t get about these pointers, but the biggest was this: “Nothing outside of you can make you feel anything”.

That’s just NOT true, Alice said. It’s not that simple and it’s not true.

In this episode, I speak in depth to Alice’s questions and attempt to shine some light on what may have been some blind spots or misunderstandings. The amazing thing about Alice’s question and the fact that she was happy for me to speak to them on the podcast this way (thank you, Alice!) is that her sticking points are incredibly common.

I hear these questions from people a lot. I know this conversation will help many others see around what appear to be serious sticking points. 


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