The Mind isn’t Real

This supposed thing we call a mind isn’t real.

That may be obvious.

Mind isn’t a thing. It’s just another thought-label used to lump more thought together to give it an apparent source.

Like, “This is what my mind says” or “That’s just what minds do”. That sort of thing.

Mind may be a helpful shortcut as far as concepts go, but it’s nice to remember that it’s nothing but an unreal concept. Otherwise you might walk around feeling as if you actually have a mind, it’s your mind, and it’s behaving or misbehaving in any given moment. All of those thoughts are part of a me-and-my-mind story that is simply a story.

When we back up from concepts, there’s just energy. Energy manifesting as thought, feeling, actions, identities, preferences, and energy manifesting as the labels “thought”, “feeling”, “actions”, “identities”, “preferences”.

One energy giving way to what appear to be different words which appear to signify different things. But “different” is a concept too.

There’s really just This.

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