EP191: A More Comfortable Nest

In this episode, I share a quote that deeply spoke to me about how the objectifying mind is “nothing other than it’s own movement”. 

How it will “arrange and rearrange its collection of ideas onto a nest and settle down for a little while, but some unexplainable restlessness will prompt it to keep looking for something that makes a little more sense”. 

Isn’t that how it goes? We’re always looking to pad our nest with the “right” things. At first, they’re often physical circumstances like the “right” job, relationships, skills, traits, or body.

As we see that those things will never bring lasting peace, we move on to less tangible things like a quiet mind, equanimity, forgiveness, or acceptance. Those don’t do the trick either because they are no different than the first set of nest padders, really. 

Some “unexplainable restlessness” will always prompt the mind to keep looking. Always, because this is what a mind is. It’s a movement toward more and better that does not need to change.  


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