EP197: How hormone changes and menopause symptoms are perfectly designed gifts with Tania Elfersy 

Tania Elfersy was experiencing perimenopause symptoms for a few years. Then, she had an insight about the role of thought that led those symptoms to go away. 

Since then, she’s been exploring the real purpose of symptoms. Menopause and perimenopause symptoms are not a sign of something gone wrong. They aren’t problems to manage or eliminate. 

They are feedback that is perfectly tailored to each one of us, showing us exactly what we most need to thrive. 

I loved this conversation with Tania so much, in part because she makes it very clear that life happens for us. The intelligence that lives us doesn’t get it wrong. There are no boundaries to infinite intelligence (even hormones aren’t an exception!)

As we see that, we begin to listen, rather than push or medicate away symptoms. This is true whether those symptoms are related to hormonal changes, anxiety, depression, habits and addictions, or anything at all. It’s all exactly the same.

As you’ll hear, Tania knows so much about the way our experience works as well as about the societal stories about change and menopause that are part of our conditioning. If you’d like a really, really different experience of menopause or perimenopause, I highly recommend talking with Tania. 

See more about Tania, her coaching, and her courses here: https://www.thewiserwoman.com/


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