Are you ready for a BRAND NEW experience of the holidays?

What if your holidays could be free of
over-eating, over-drinking, or over-spending?

It may look like the holiday season is a stressful time of year. It can look like our family triggers us, or
like stress, pressure, and overwhelm are just part of the holidays.


What if none of that is actually true?
What if the holidays aren’t stressful at all?

PLUS…A Brand New Experience of the Holidays also includes two bonus videos recorded for the 2020 holiday season! These videos cover topics (unfortunately) still relevant today such as travel and health concerns, being with family in the midst of political differences, and more.

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A Brand New Experience of the Holidays:
How to NOT eat, drink or spend your way through the New Year

In the first video in this 6-part video series:

You’ll hear how I used to stress, binge eat, and numb myself through December, only to spend January trying to undo it all. Until I found a better way…

You’ll learn how conditioned our consumption is, and see that what we’re trying to escape isn’t even real.

You’ll come to understand the distinction between living in concepts and ideas, versus living in life.