Unique and Universal

smiling woman on videoThe worries and concerns that flash in awareness–and they truly are just a flashing reflection of images, sounds, and sensations–are unique. 

Sometimes they talk about your health or the health of loved ones. Sometimes about money. Often about something being missing, you not measuring up or needing something you appear to not have. 

Around this time of year, they’re often vague, fuzzy flashes of expectation, stories of what ‘should’ be, memories of holidays passed, worries about relationships or the feeling of a habit as powerful and real. 

The momentary, flashing reflections are unique, but what’s happening is universal. What’s happening is life arising the way life arises. Coming and then going, always. 

When suffering is felt, what’s happening is an identification with, and perceived ownership of, those flashing pictures, sounds, and stories. Experience is seen as true and personal, when it is anything but.

The flavor of the stories may be unique, but the truth is universal. We are not the flavor or the stories or the temporary anything. We are not the perfect mom who puts on the perfect Christmas, or the worthy son who has the good enough life to report, or the secure adult feeling the right amount of joy or gratitude. We’re the space for all of it; the awareness of these characters and the stories that are playing out. 

Life is happening the way it’s happening. Life is living you perfectly when you love the storyline and when you hate it. 

I hope you feel peace in any story that arises this holiday season. If you could use a little extra support right now, please check out the webinar I did earlier this week on having a brand new experience of the holidays. ❤️    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZ_NgJcKzOw&t=1355s



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