EP179: A New Listener Interviews Me!

Amanda Dorolek recently came across this podcast and my books and videos. To say that things are opening up for her is a massive understatement.

She’s watching old beliefs and identities fall away. Her relationships are beginning to transform. How she sees anything and everything is changing. 

Although Amanda is no doubt in the beginnings of her own amazing change story (which, I hope, will be featured on Changeable someday), she reached out and asked if she could interview me for an episode of Changeable. So, that’s what we did! 

You’ll hear Amanda talk about how things are unfolding for her as she discovers what’s behind the identities she thought were her all these years. She asks me about my own version of this unfolding and how my life and relationships have changed along the way.

We talk about the loneliness that sometimes comes along with waking up to a new way of being in life.

She asks about God, religion, parenting, psychics and mediums.

We talk about how there is no ‘you’ outside of thought.

Amanda asks about what critics of this way of seeing things say, how it sometimes feels to have beliefs drop away, and so much more. 

I wish you could see Amanda as we had this conversation. The lightness she’s feeling is so clear. I think you’ll hear it in her voice too.

Enjoy this conversation with me and Amanda Dorolek! You can see more about Amanda here: www.Facebook.com/ThinkLessSeeMore 


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