I Am

I saw a movie last week that described everything I believe in and all the topics I’m most passionate about. It described it all in a way I rarely can.

It’s the kind of stuff I try to teach my clients and discuss with my family and some of my friends and on my blog. But I often find myself not having the right words.

Its stuff I know to be complete truth (the deep in my body kind of truth), and stuff I long to also know intellectually so  I can more easily share it.

Like how every living thing on earth is connected.

And how negative emotion shows up in the heart and in the brain and literally makes us not only miserable, but dumber.

And how we’re constantly creating our future with our thoughts.

And how (as long as we have enough) money doesn’t make us happy, and the universe is always ready to support us.

How it’s not mentally sane to keep collecting stuff in exorbitant excess of what we need to survive while people around us have nothing.

And how we have to be the change we want to see in the world.

The movie is called I Am and I highly recommend it. It explains things much better than all those blog posts I just linked to. But since it’s only in select cities, the blog posts are okay too.

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