There are No Problems in Reality

The fact that all is well in the outside world—that there are conditions and circumstances but not problems, per se, out there—is something I’m continually discussing with people.  there are no problems in reality

It’s quite simple, actually. And when people are already in a nice feeling, they see it right away. There’s something that just feels true about truth, especially when our intellect is relaxed.

When linear, thinking minds are revved up though, this same simple truth sounds like blasphemy. It can sound like an attack; an invalidation of your pain or a denial of reality.

I love how Anthony De Mello puts it. While I tend to soften things with, “I know it really looks like life has problems, but do you see how it can only be within our own thinking?” De Mello lays it down:

“Reality is not problematic. Problems only exist in the human mind. We might add: in the stupid, sleeping human mind. Reality is not problematic. Take away human beings from this planet and life would go on, nature would go on it all its loveliness and violence. Where would the problem be? No problem. You created the problem. You are the problem. You identified with ‘me’ and that is the problem. The feeling is in you, not in reality.”

If you’re anywhere near your home base right now, you’ll likely recognize the truth. Life is good. All is well. When we’re concluding otherwise, the “problem” is in us (and it’s really not a “problem”)—in our lack of awareness or our limited consciousness in that moment. The problem is never in the world itself.

Feeling hopeless, viewing things as limited, black-or-white, difficult, or complicated are clear indications that we’re seeing through our own clouded, biased lens.

Life is not that way, ever, but our thinking will make it appear that way, more or less, as long as we’re alive.

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