The Truth about Questions and Answers

There’s a saying in A Course in Miracles that is something like this: all questions are from the ego. Only the ego wants to know.  questions and answers

The ‘you’ that you really are underneath the questioning mind has no questions.

It has no beef with what’s going on.

It doesn’t need anything that is not clear and obvious already.

It lives in gratitude and awe of what is, without concern for what was or what’s next. It has an absolute, unwavering knowing that everything shows up in perfect form.

As all humans know, our minds don’t always agree that everything shows up in perfect form. Not even close.

Our minds can point out endless problems with life as it is right now. Our minds can demand that things should be different—something’s gone wrong. Our minds have questions that appear to require answers.

But it’s only your mind—your ego—that’s so dissatisfied and demanding. It’s not you.  And your mind’s dissatisfaction and sense of urgency aren’t a reflection of any sort of actual problem. It’s just your mind doing what minds do.

Life unfolds the way life unfolds. Period, end of story. And, separately and completely independently, your mind will undoubtedly have some beef with it from time to time.

Seeing the independence of those two things is oh-so-ginormous. Knowing that there is a ‘you’ and there is also ‘your mind’ is the whole point.

For me, that distinction is what made Being Human a completely different experience than it used to be. It became lighter, more fun, and much easier because I was no longer buying into the confusion and dissatisfaction of the ego.

And it became a much richer, more fulfilling, peaceful experience because when that ego voice moved to the background, it was much easier to see all the perfection that was always right under my nose.

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