The Creative Challenge of Whispering Someone Awake

The type of learning that leads to life-changing, foundation-shifting change isn’t intellectual.

You don’t need to be “smart” in any traditional sense. You don’t need good conceptual comprehension, a good memory, or to be able to retain or recall information.

Those things may have mattered in history or chemistry class, but they don’t matter at all when it comes to seeing the truth about what it means to be human. (In fact, they often get in the way.)

This type of learning is insightful. It’s about listening for the feeling of truth. You know you’ve seen something helpful when your mind gets quieter and you feel more peaceful. It’s in the feeling, not in the ability to explain what you’ve learned. 

Creating The Little School of Big Change has been a creative challenge that I absolutely love. Every bit of curriculum for the school is aimed at putting the logical mind to rest so that these insights have room to surface.

I’m trying to get past the smart, quick, often-critical gatekeeper to the fertile, open space behind the gate. 

It feels a little like trying to whisper someone awake–loud enough so that they hear, but not so loud that they startle.

The curriculum includes stories, lessons, quotes, parables, interviews, and animations. So far, anyway. I’m not done yet.

I’d like to share a few of these with you over the next couple of months . Please enjoy the animation below and please consider sharing it if you know someone who could benefit from the big change that is on offer to all of us.


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