Seeing Freedom…Even Deeper

So many of you are feeling into the Truth of what I share.

You’re seeing that you are well and thriving by default. That you’re feeling your moment-to-moment thinking brought to life within you; that the world out there doesn’t create your experience.

It makes sense that your mind is like a snow globe, settling down when you stop shaking it up. That life moves through you. That you don’t need to heal your own trauma or rewire your own brain.

You’re seeing these as Truths, Principles, and that’s helping a ton.

And sometimes it feels like we stall a bit in our understanding. Like maybe we could go even deeper, even further, but there’s an invisible belief or objection or doubt holding us back.

In this webinar (I did last week for the Three Principles Global Community) I talk about 3 things you can see that can help you go even deeper in your understanding:

Seeing these Truths as impersonal, looking beyond appearances, and having a new respect for the always-true nature of Principles are three things that have helped me (and many others) tremendously when it comes to seeing more.


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