EP41: Having a Secure Attachment to Life

There are so many safety nets built into our human design.

Seeing more about how we work…the forgiving, safe, self-correcting, can’t-be-damaged design we’ve all been blessed with…does a lot for us. But perhaps one of the most notable things it does is that it allows us to feel secure.

When we feel secure, we are free. Free to feel what moves through us because we know that we bounce back naturally. Free to think what our mind thinks, because it’s not ‘ours’ anyway. Free to have a big, varied life; to try things, to fail at things, to mess up, to experiment.

It’s a lot like being raised by loving parents who allow you to feel safe and unconditionally cared for. You are free to go off and explore, knowing there is always a ‘home base’ where you can return.

Home base is in all of us. Seeing that makes being human a much bigger, richer experience.

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