EP74: How Your Parent Can Completely Change (Even When They Don’t Change At All) with Phil Goddard

Phil had a somewhat distant relationship with his father for as long as he can remember. When Phil was in his 20s, his father disowned him and they didn’t speak for 10 years.

Phil thought he was over it. He had forgiven his father and moved on.

Until he realized there was more on offer. The story of how Phil and his father eventually reunited and the way Phil feels about his dad today is remarkable. It’s a beautiful story full of insight into what our relationships are actually comprised of, and what’s in the way when they feel strained, and what’s possible with just a tiny bit of understanding.  

How is it that the way we feel about people in our lives can change so dramatically, even when those people don’t appear to change?

How is it that simply understanding another person—getting a glimpse into how life is for them—can change so much?

Phil’s story is full of insight for all relationships and any area of life, really. It’s also a perfect episode to listen to around the holidays, when many of us will be visiting family.


If you’d like to learn more about Phil, check him out here: philg.com or on Facebook here: fbphil.com

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