EP75: Tammy’s Change Story: The 40-Year Eating Habit that Never Was

Tammy had an eating habit for 40 years.

She tried everything. I do mean everything. She lists many of the things she tried in this episode (and then she sent me a long email with 20 more things she tried, but forgot to mention).

Then Tammy came across the New Paradigm and things began to shift.

At first, all the talk about Thought sounded familiar. Like stuff she already knew. But she was interested, so she stayed in the conversation.

Over a few weeks, she began to see that the way we were talking about Thought and wellbeing was very different than what she had heard before.

Tammy realized at some point that she doesn’t really “have” an eating habit the way she thought she did for 40 years. Yes, she was in the habit of overeating. But she didn’t “have” this problem. It suddenly looked very different to her.

And it ended. Just like seeing that there is no Santa Claus, as she says in the episode. You can’t go back to believing in something once you’ve seen that it’s made up.

I know you’ll hear so much in Tammy’s story. [Disclaimer: Don’t listen to this one in the car or on Alexa around children who still believe in Santa!] 

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